Basic Information

The Laws of Magic are the rules, power sources, expectations, philosophies, etc., that develop out of Functional Magic, or which are codified in a Magical Tradition. They define how magic works in your setting.

There's a few things you need to consider in regards to the Laws of Magic and their impact on your setting.

  • Do you want magic to be mysterious and ephemeral, or well-defined and reliable?
  • Is magic exceedingly rare, or surprisingly common?
    • Is it easy to pick up, or does it require a lifetime to master?
    • Is it hidden behind a masquerade, feared for it's wicked potential, or studied as a science?
  • To what extent does Ontological Inertia exist?
    • Is magic fading or enduring?
  • Is magic overpowering, or just another factor?
    • Is it instinctive to resist, or does that take special circumstances or training?
      • Is resistance voluntary or invariable (that is, can you deliberately not resist a spell)?
    • Can you counterspell?
  • What is the source of magic in your setting?
    • Is there but one style of magic, or do numerous Magical Traditions exist?

There is also the possibility of this term being used to refer to laws governing magic within the "wizarding community" (if such exists) and controlling what magic may and may not be performed. For benefit of Values Dissonance, this may not necessarily follow the line between "good" and "evil" magic anymore than mundane law can serve as a guide to morality.