The Unknown Years of Jesus

brotim Sun, 2019-01-27 10:47
Jesus was not a carpenter; Jesus was only the "Son of a Carpenter." There is a difference. During the unknown years of Jesus, Jesus was an indentured servant.

Luther and the Theologia Germanica

brotim Thu, 2018-11-22 19:15

By Bruce Janz

Was Luther a mystic? In places, he says positive things about mysticism. In other places, he "hurls the inkwell at the devil". His attitude toward mysticism, like his attitude toward many other things, is ambiguous. He is clearly attracted to the theology of the heart, that many mystics represent. He is not interested, however, in the extra revelation that he believes is part of mysticism. In this, he seems to have an epistemological, rather than a hermeneutical, understanding of mysticism.

Theologia Germanica

brotim Wed, 2018-11-21 14:07
The Author of this book was a knight of the Teutonic order; one who considered himself, and was considered by his contemporaries, an orthodox member of the Latin Church.

The Book of Concord

brotim Wed, 2018-11-21 13:58

The Book of Concord was first published to heal the divisions that had broken out in the Lutheran movement after Martin Luther’s death. After two political conferences (in 1558 and 1561) had failed to produce an agreement, the Lutheran rulers in Germany entrusted the project to several theologians, who produced the Formula of Concord, essentially an interpretation of the Augsburg Confession.